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Crushing the Fast-and-Furious Cars

Penrose's Bonnie's Car Crushers destroys cars from 'Furious 7'

By Brandon Hopper

The Daily Record

Posted:   04/10/2015 12:42:35 PM MDT

PENROSE — Bonnie’s Car Crushers got to touch — and destroy — some cars from the new box office hit "Furious 7."

But no test drives were taken, no selfies in the driver's seat, they didn't even save a souvenir rear-view mirror to remember the event by.

To their defense, it wasn't exactly allowed, and the movie representatives were waiting to see their 40 cars destroyed.

As the movie professionals were driving from Pike's Peak to Monarch Pass, they drove through Penrose and saw the "We Crush Cars" sign in front of Bonnie's. They quickly pulled over and asked if the business would be willing to come pick up some cars in Monarch when they were wrecked and ready.

"We had to have it done within a few hours because they had to get them out of there because they were using parking lots from the ski resorts at Monarch,"

Bonnies car crushers and co-workers loaded the cars, shipped them to Penrose and soon after destroyed them. The movie workers had to have documentation that they were destroyed, so they took before and after pictures of each car. They had also picked up some cars in Colorado Springs after they were used in filming at Pike's Peak.


Watch News 5 video of event... click link

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